Golden Dragon Electric city bus
Golden Dragon Electric city bus
Golden Dragon Electric city bus
Electric Model
The XML6105/6115/6125 bus series large-scale city bus combines the essence of domestic and international city bus, with novel and unique style, and the widened body design can better meet the market demand of large-capacity passenger cars in modern cities. The careful matching, calculation and analysis of performance and structure make the whole vehicle a domestic leading level.
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  • The engine assembly can be imported from Cummins or Japan Hino, or you can choose the mature products of the first-line manufacturers such as Yuchai, Xichai, Weichai or Dachai.
  • The single-chip dry hydraulic gas assists the clutch system. The whole gearbox can be matched with the automatic gearbox with hydraulic retarder. It can also match the domestic manual gearbox, which is easy and convenient to operate.
  • Choose from less spring suspension or air suspension, which greatly improves the ride comfort and ride comfort.
  • Specially designed wide-panel panoramic glass with wide ventilation window and widened passenger door, which not only improves the circulation of the vehicle, but also makes the interior brighter and more spacious.
Bus model XML6907 XML6102JEV XML6112JEV XML6122JEV
Length x width x height (mm) 8995x2500x3350,3480 10490x2500x3400,3600 10990x2500x3400,3600 12000x2550x3400,3600
Maximum total mass (kg) 14500 17000 17500 18000
Rated passenger (including driver) 24-41 24-51 24-53 24-60
Maximum speed (km/h) 100 100
motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Rated power (KW) 90 100
classification charging mode charging mode
Energy storage device Lithium iron phosphate Lithium iron phosphate
Driving range (equal speed method, km) 250-300 ≥250
Suspension system Leaf spring / air suspension Less spring/air suspension
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